How it works

Are you a photographer who wants to spend less time editing and more time shooting? I work with professional photographers to help them finalize their images. From global edits, removing blemishes and other distractions, and album design we look forward to any project you can think up.

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Let’s Meet!

I would love to get to know you as a photographer! We can set up a time to chat on the phone, video chat, or meet in person. We will discuss your editing style, what your process is, and I’ll answer any questions you may have. This time gives me an insight into what type of photographer you are and how you edit your photos.

Get In Touch!

Contact me with what you’re looking for! I will send you a price list and answer any questions you may have. No project is too large or small, so let me know if the price list doesn’t have what you’re looking for. We can work together to figure out a solution that best fits your needs.


Photographer - Editor Relationship

I work one on one with each photographer to learn their process and what they expect with each of their jobs. You can send me a link to your website and other samples you have to help match your style. I’ll send you a couple edited images at a time, with your first job, to make sure I achieved your style.

Transferring Files

We can swap hard drives (if you’re local), or we can upload to Dropbox or Box. Using Smart Previews in Lightroom works great with big weddings. If you would prefer a different method, let me know. I can transfer files however is easiest for you.