Do you really like to edit or are you a secret photographer who does this on the side?

This has to be my most asked question - Yes I love to edit! I own a DSLR and love to take pictures of my family BUT I am not a professional photographer. I love retouching and editing so much more that I went down this career path instead of the photographer one.

My editing process is more extensive than what you have on your price list. Do you have a price that would work with my process?

Absolutely! I have many clients that have a price based on their specific editing process and style. This ensures that you’re getting the editing that you want the way you want. We can talk over what you are looking for and go from there.


How does this work?

Every situation is different so I work one on one with each photographer to put together their personalized retouching service. If you want some more information about how I do it, check out my how it works page!

What is your turnaround time?

Turn around times do vary week to week and can change at any time.  Typical turn around time for wedding edits is 10-14 business days and portrait retouching is 5-7 business days.   


Do you offer free trial edits?

I don’t offer a free trial run of my services. Instead, I work with you very closely on those first couple projects making tweaks as we go along to make sure that I have your images looking just as you like them.

How do you send/receive high res images?

I like to do this however is easiest for you. There are a couple different ways of delivering images. We can swap hard drives (if you’re local), go through Dropbox or Box, or do Smart Previews in Lightroom (this works great for those big weddings!). If there is a specific way you would like to transfer files that’s different than the above let me know!